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Derryl Perry
All Just To Get To You
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April 19, 2005
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All Just To Get To You

by Derryl Perry

ALL JUST TO GET TO YOU is Derryl Perry's nationally-released debut album from 2005 and a testament to the time and effort that he's spent meticulously crafting, collecting and recording songs that fit his unique musical style.

Five (5) of the tracks on the ALL JUST TO GET TO YOU album are either written or co-written by Derryl, including "Four Nights In Albuquerque".

According to Derryl, the song is actually based upon a true story. "I wrote it on the steering wheel while I was driving from Albuquerque to Cheyenne" says Derryl. "I thought it might be a little too personal until I performed it live one night and the feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. It's now become a signature song during my live shows."

Perhaps Derryl's personal connection to "Four Nights In Albuquerque" is what journalist and Country Music scholar Robert K. Oermann perceived during his early 2005 review of the song in Music Row Magazine, Nashville's premier music industry trade publication. "Make room for another Derryl!" proclaimed Oermann. "This singer-songwriter is a definite DISCovery. His honky-tonk vocal is super expressive, and he's got a dandy story to tell with his lyric of finding unexpected romance."

At the end of 2005, Music Row Magazine also honored Derryl with both the Small Label Artist Of The Year and Small Label Breakout Artist Of The Year awards for his radio airplay successes with the singles "Four Nights In Albuquerque" and "You Will" from this album.

Disc 1
Track Listen
1 The Lucky Just Believe Play
2 I Can't Forget Her Play
3 Four Nights In Albuquerque Play
4 Angry Heart Play
5 Talk To Me Play
6 You Will Play
7 Resurrection Day Play
8 This Could Get Good Play
9 The Only Cure Play
10 All Just To Get To You Play
11 Lonely Town Play